Joonas Kota (born. 1976)

He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in the year 2002 and has also studiet in the Slade School of Fine Arts in London. He lived and worked in Copenhagen during the years 2005–2009.

He has had group and solo exhibitions internationally, of which the most important are: Paradise is Now | Palm Trees in Art, Robert Grunenberg, Berlin, ”The Illicid Cell Aid” in the Kluuvi gallery, Helsinki 2011, ”Paintings” in the Huuto gallery, Helsinki 2010, ”Dialogues” in the Manege, Saint-Petersburg 2009, ”Serendipity” Hong Kong 2006, ”Songs of Freedom and Love” Platform Garanti, Istanbul 2006, ”Flaw” Barcelona 2005.

His works are in the collections of Kiasma and Helsinki Art Museum

2003 Master of Fine Arts, The Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
2001 The Slade School of Fine Arts, London
1996 Orivesi college
1995 The High School diploma, Tampere
2017 Virtualized Sceneries, Zetterberg gallery, Helsinki
2011 Diallectic Illicid Cell Aid, Joonas Kota / Erkka Nissinen, Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki
2011 Paintings, Gallery Huuto!, Helsinki
2005 Flaw, Gallery Serilla, Barcelona, Spain
2004 Trailers, Helsinki City Art Museums Gallery
2003 Highlight, The Academy of Fine Arts’ gallery
2001 Pretending Is Honest, The Slade School of Fine Arts, London
2018 Paradise is Now, Palm Trees in Art, Salon Dahlmann, Berlin
2018 Teachers and Students, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki
2017 Attempting Ideal, Salon Dahlmann, Berlin
2016 Enslaved or Free, Zetterberg gallery, Helsinki
2009 Dialogues Biennale, Manege, St-Petersburg, Russia
2008 Made in Kuvataideakatemia, Kaiku gallery, Helsinki
2006 Serendipity,1A Space, Hong Kong, China
2006 Songs of Freedom and Love, K2, Izmir, Turkey
2006 Songs of Freedom and Love, Platform Garanti, Istanbul
2004 The Measure of a Man, Helsinki City Art Museum
2002 The Degree Show, The Academy of Fine Arts
2000 Riiko Sakkinen, Bad Milk, The Academy of Fine Arts’ gallery
1998 11 and 33 Influencers, Joonas Kota / Jani Leinonen, Käytävä!, Helsinki
2018 E.W. Ponkala Foundation
2017 Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki
2016 Miettinen Collection
2003 The Art Collection of Päivi and Paavo Lipponen
2002 Helsinki City Art Museum
1998 Nelimarkka Foundation
2017 Alfred Kordelin foundation
2017 Finnish Cultural Foundation
2016 Taike
2010 Majaoja Foundation
2006 Finnish Cultural Foundation
2006 Avek
2005 Finnish Cultural Foundation
2005 Kunststyrelsen, Denmark
2004 Frame-Fund
1998 Nelimarkka Foundation
2018 Paradise is Now | Palm Trees in Art
2017 Helsinki Art Guide: Worlds colliding in Joonas Kotas Virtualized Sceneries
2008 Made in Kuvataideakatemia, exhibition katalogue
2006 Serendipity, exhibition katalogue
2005 Joonas Kota. Strategies of Seduction – Self-image under presssure.
2017 a full membership in the Finnish Painters Union
2012 a candidate membership in the Finnish Painters Union